The gap between jobs that work and those that don’t is only getting wider, yet there are few forums for Americans to weigh in on what good jobs could look like for them. From wages to healthcare, parental leave to workplace dignity, the national conversation about job quality is often limited to theorists and elites leaving workers and employers without the tools to actively create good jobs that meet the fundamental needs of America’s people. WorkShift: Good Jobs for All is a national campaign that seeks to change the way Americans think and talk about good jobs in the United States today. In order to build a more equitable, inclusive economy, we are creating a space for workers, communities, employers, and policymakers to join together in a conversation about what it means to create good jobs for all.

Design Research Methodology

STEP 1 Research and network with organizations to identify interviewees and collect stories.

STEP 2 Identify key stories and schedule and plan and produce these stories with production crew.

STEP 3 With creative campaign team, decide which stories to produce into short video segments for campaign content.

STEP 4 Produce key stories for the campaign and edit campaign assets of video series as well as graphic poster series.

STEP 5 Collaborate with Purpose Campaigns to strategize how to use content for live events, online experiences and social media.


Created engaging entry-points to reach new audiences and everyday Americans on the issue of job quality. The goal was to expand Americans’ understanding of what essential values make a job a “good job”, broaden the conversation on social and live platforms of #GoodJobsForAll, and begin to shift how American workers think and talk about job quality in the US today.


As an outcome, more employers felt pressured to create jobs that meet the needs of Americans in a more inclusive economy.