About the Film

Her Earth [in-progress] is feature documentary film which unfolds the parallel experiences of women and our environment during an era in which the United States strives to become energy independent. Since the gas and oil boom in 2008, both Vera Scroggins, a resident of Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, and Kandi Mossett, who is born and raised in Fort Berthel reservation, North Dakota, first-handedly experienced the gas and oil industry’s expansion. The fracturing did not only occur on their land but within their own lives, health and communities as well.

The film will intertwine Kandi and Vera’s journeys using footage filmed by the filmmakers as well as footage filmed by themselves to present the woman’s lens as we explore the the connection between the degradation and exploitation of the environment and the oppression of women. Their narrative journeys question what it means for a woman to heal after experiencing layers of emotional and physical fracturing, and in turn, invites audiences to explore alternative energy practices that can help to heal our environment.