About the Project

The Global Lives Project is avideo library of life experience, designed to cultivate empathy across cultures  supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.  Curating an ever-expanding collection of films that faithfully capture 24 continuous hours in the lives of individuals from around the world, the videos were first showcased as a video installation in a 360-dome exhibition space. The goal of the overall project is to combine all the segments from around the world to foster empathy and cross-cultural understanding.  I participated in the project for the segment shot in Kazakhstan about a young girl whose family owned an orphanage in the industrial town, Vannovka.


The global education program and forged critical partnerships with groups like the Smithsonian, Method, Adobe, the Stanford University School of Education, 826 Valencia and many more. Over 500 teachers are using the video library as a resource in their classroom along with the educational toolkit created for the project.