About the Film

Over the period of four years, we delve into the world of people who on the fringes of the world’s largest film industry. Bollywood churns out more films than any other film industry and ‘making it’ here is the Indian dream. This intimate and cleverly made film brings us into the world of those on the fringes, those who will do anything to be  a part of the hindi film industry. Filmed over a period of four years, the documentary follows the turbulent up and coming careers of ‘the white extra’ Harry and the small town back-up dancer, Pooja, along with the more established careers of the flamboyant make-up artist, Ojas and the notorious union leader, Premji. Using only cinema verite filmmaking techniques, “Beyond Bollywood” intertwines these four characters’ journey offering an in-depth insight into the reality behind following ones dream in present day modernizing India, which in our celluloid era can be dubbed as a culture named Bollywood.


  • 2013 River to River Festival Best Documentary
  • 2015 Bay Street Film Festival Audience Award
  • 2016 Netflix [worldwide rights]
  • 2015 Amazon
  • 2015 Itunes

Television Distribution

  • Arte France
  • Sky Arts NZ
  • Discovery Channel Europe
  • Epic Channel India

Film Festivals

  • 2013 River to River, Florence, Italy
  • 2013 Indie Vibes, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2014 NYU South Asian Documentary Film Festival, NYC
  • 2014 Multiple Indian Film Festivals in Seattle, Houston, New Jersey City
  • 2015 Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, France
  • 2015 Bay Street Film Festival, Thunderbay, Canada

Educational & Community Screenings

  • 2014 New York University
  • 2015 Yale University
  • 2015 The New School