Women Aloud Video Empowerment [WAVE]

Nonprofit Organization /Community Media
Role: Community Media Facilitator & Mentor | Training & Facilitation | 2009-2010

Women Aloud Video Empowerment is an initiative funded by The MacArthur Foundation, with the goal of enabling young Indian women to voice their perspectives on issues that matter through video blogs.

For this citizen-journalism project, one young woman was selected through non-government organizations and colleges from every state in India for an innovative 9-month mentorship program. Ruchika’s role as a facilitator and curriculum writer was to work work closely with the young women during an intensive 10 day training, and then work with them as a mentor. She also created a twelve-part training curriculum in which there are media training modules on storytelling techniques and basic video production skills.

Each of the young women were given basic video and audio equipment as a participant and were required to use this gear to videoblog for WAVE.

More about the project here.