Capturing Vera

Interactive & Feature Documentary | In-Progress
Role: Co-Producer, Director | Interactive & Feature Documentary | in-progress

Vera Scroggins is a citizen journalist who began filming the activities of the gas industry in her county in Pennslyvania when fracking first started taking place in 2008. Vera Scroggins, a mother, a grandmother, an activist and a woman with a camera, who has taken it upon herself to show the world what drilling and fracking is doing to the land and the people of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. If you don’t know Vera, become familiar now with her and the sense of justice that informs her activism. She is acting on behalf of all of us who are fighting for a sustainable energy future.

Through her Facebook page and youtube channel, she keeps tabs on anti-fracking activism and gas companies’ representation in the media and their perception by the community. She takes on the role of citizen journalist; sharing her videos (over 500 on youtube), learning about the gas industry in her county, and given tours of the sites and families affected by the activities. She unveils the lies of the industry and stubbornly seeks to show what it does not want to be seen, in the hopes of elevating public concern about fracking. Throughout, Vera seeks to nudge and push at the limits, the barriers, like a detective. Disappointed in American democracy and its (false) notions of freedom, big corporations, the government, she represents the grassroots, American folk hero, the voice of the people.