Breaking Into Bollywood

Web Series | - RealNetworks
Role: Producer & Director | Executive Producers: - RealNetworks | Web Series | 7 x 10 mins | 2008

The Bollywood Project began in 2007 with filmmakers Ruchika Muchhala and Adam Dow working on a web series on the different facets of Bollywood. As “outsiders” and newcomers to the city of Mumbai – Ruchika, a nonresident Indian and Adam, an American – they were able to visit film sets and meet producers, dancers, musicians, actors, directors, amongst many others, who allowed them access into their realities. With the “outsider” tag, the filmmakers were able to dig deeper into the universal story of making fantasy into a reality within the world of Bollywood, by getting up-close and personal with the people they met. This also allowed them to uncover the complex layers of status and class unique to the Indian film industry.

Having developed relationships with the characters, they came across provoking stories of hopes, dreams and struggle in Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry. They decided that they would weave together a narrative of four of the journeys that they found the most compelling and had access to follow, out of the several dozens of people they had come across during their research. Over the period of four years, The Bollywood Project led to – “Beyond Bollywood”, the feature length documentary, and “Breaking into Bollywood”, the web-series is an intriguing and insightful journey into the world no one ever sees behind-the-scenes.

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