Becoming Visible

Storytelling & Convening | 2016 |Kellogg Foundation
Role: Storytelling Strategist & Video Producer | Kellogg Foundation in partnership with Harbour Workshop [Karen Proctor]  | Convening | 2016

Becoming Visible: Finding Solutions for Statelessness in Haiti and the Dominican Republic provides space and time for colleagues to deliberate over strategies for more comprehensive human rights and humanitarian responses to the nationality and border crises in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. In keeping with the theme of becoming visible, the gathering draws attention to critical issues in the region and the people affected by them.

My role was to produce short videos from interviews and raw footage filmed by a local Haitian filmmaker. These videos were used during the convening with a set of prompts to help facilitate the discussion. I also produced videos of the one-day convening in Washington D.C. and short interviews with various attendees about ways to work more effectively to ameliorate statelessness in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.